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hm. my Vesta deals 9k DPS usually with only AoE effects on in CSE, taking all the aggro. pls tell me what am I doing wrong. I take out two probes while the rest of the team takes out one, I kill incoming heavy torps (which are coming at me usually, so its not much of a help to team anyways, unless you count taking aggro useful), AoE is always higher DPS if there are more targets, and if you know how to use it, its better

I cannot imagine what "excellent" communication is needed in rml lol. you go in, blow cubes, one defends and blows probes on middle and left
alright, Kirk, here's the deal: your method usually leads to mission-failure, when it succeeds (rarely outside of a proper, non PUG team), it's awesome, but I see people trying to do what you're doing, and usually it goes one-way-the Borg win.

It's right up there with the guy who says he can spawn both Cubes in Infected and clear both sides simultaneously and drop the gate before the Tac cube spawns-maaaaybee he's that good, but most players are NOT, and when you're pugging, you're dealing with MOST PLAYERS.

Cure Elite does not run like Cure Normal. In "Normal" difficulty, RML is the way to go-nothing is that dangerous and even the cubes are nerfed. (hell, Hive "Normal" can be run through in about ten minutes).

I pug daily, sometimes multiple times, on multiple toons-and it's CSE that is "my game" on all of them, and it is VERY common to see the mission fail because someone thinks they can scattervolley their way to the Optional quick in ELITE.

Here is what USUALLY happens with your 'tactics'...

You scatter/aoe the stack, ignoring the spawns, ignoring what's going on around you, and making it REAL difficult for anyone to assist-because they're going to get the aggro you're triggering while you're safely down-and-to-the-side in a parking orbit, this goes on until you have raptor-and-negh'var bearing down on you (along with other things, depending on the mood of the AI), or moving at expedient speed to the Kang, because everyone else is on the wrong side of the map. Now, the guy who's guarding the Kang MIGHT have the DPS to take care of the mess you've made, but most of the time, he doesn't, because most Puggies put the "healboat" cruiser doing that job, counting on the guys at the stacks to suppress spawns before they become a major problem.

Now, here's the other thing: you're spray-and-pray never concentrates damage, so you're not knocking out spheres faster, you're just knocking them out first-row-second-row-wake-the-cube-and trigger the Negh.

Dig it? meanwhile good concentrated damage can splash down the probes 1-2-3/1/neghvar/2/Raptor/3 in the same amount of time-and likely suppress the Bops in similar LESS TIME.

Reason? dead things don't heal or recover, and the guy doing concentrated damage isn't missing NEARLY as often as your scatter-shot-spray-and-pray does.

Further, the guy doing concentrated damage doesn't wake up the cube, means his buddy can actually back him up, cover approaches, and keep spawns that DO get past him off the Kang AND off his back.

Which means also that neither one of them has to gear NEARLY as expensively as you do to do the same job-inadequately.

Jem set on a free ship using concentrated damage and systematic approach? will kill and CLEAR probes just as fast, or faster than, your fifty dollar special with MACO everything and MkXII weapons and consoles, special "invulnerable shield" and hangar pets.

I see a lot of guys fail the mission in CSE with their Oddys and Vestas because they think they can kirk their way to the optional.

otoh, I've BEEN IN teams where the best gear anyone had was the Breen set-on free ships, and gotten the Optional with time to spare doing it systematically-and this was PUG, not premade or private.
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

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