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Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
Ah well I'm just trying to do a monthly themed event. Last month was the original Star Trek and it was a blast.

Sadly the dominion is limited to their ships and in pretty sure I covered all the active combat type of ships during the dominion war for the Feds and Klingons.

If you don't like this layout there's always next months "TNG wars" theme
Actually, it's not the Dominion side that feels off, but the entire Fed side.

Akira can't use Torpedo Console or Pets.

MVAM is even allowed, and can't use MVAM console? (Might be a little Care bear of me, but wasn't the MVAM not even available during the dominion War and it didn't even show up till LATE in Voyager?)

And the B-rel R? Uhh... shouldn't it be restricted to the Hegh'ta?

Not to mention the Steamrunner...?

Defiant..can't cloak? Derp?

I just don't recall any of those ships really being Valid during that time frame. But then again I am no where near an aficionado of all things Trek, or even anything near close to knowledgeable when it comes to all the ships that were available in the Dominion War Era of Trek. /nerdmoment
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