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01-15-2013, 12:42 AM
My own PUGland experience told me, that regenerative are the best shields for eng/cruisers to ensure maximum survivability in all encounters. The more [reg] the better and if you are cycling EPtS and some additional buffs/heals regen with TT can make your shields last forever. And as cruiser have pretty tough hull and lot ways to buff and heal it with regeneratives eng/cruiser is flying fortress that can throw heals on others.

I was thinking that this will be the truth for sci/sci too, but sadly - not the case. High shield modifier is good, but lack of hull makes me die with almost full shields. So for me the resilients are the must for sci. I can have enough shield heals and regen high enough to replace the shields, and shield resiliency makes it easier to survive. Some additional [Pha] resilience as this is very popular weapon and [Reg] or [Cap] for additional buffer and my sci is pretty complete.

For escorts - dunno. I was usually flying the covariants: either in form of some standard covariant or Aegis shields. They were giving me enough buffer to survive a head on encounters or to hover on the rear of cruisers without worry. Were hard to replace, but then I was mostly counting on team members for healing, so of ability to replenish shields by myself was not a big problem.

But then I had once an escort with regeneratives [reg]x3 and it was also pretty though little ship. So maybe anything goes for escort?