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Originally Posted by darkjeff View Post
I've done it three times now, never had it fail. I also have no clue about the "activate junctions" and such, so it's basically somebody else knowing what they're doing. I just shoot things. then we end up with like 20 marks, when just doing a daily patrol gives 60, and Epohhs give 400 every few days. I don't even tag Epohhs anymore, I've got over 1000 rom marks and I'm finishing up Tier 5.

The problem is the rewards suck for the effort involved. I just do it when I want to try out a new toy on my shuttle.
I have to concur. Missions like Vault Shuttle Event, Vault Ensnared and Azure Nebula Rescue fall behind wrt the amount of Romulan Marks they reward. Still, even with an increased reward the shuttle event needs some minor tweaks.
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