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01-15-2013, 02:35 AM
This reminds me of Ker'rat earlier tonight. Was 8 feds, 6 klinks, and we all spawned in the same spot at the start (like usual), there was a massive brawl, and the feds got owned. Then the klinks proceeded to fight their way across the map slaughtering feds and borg as they went, then sat about 20k off the fed spawn waiting. The feds kept on coming back in and trying to break through. Then they called us spawn campers, even though we gave them a 10k buffer to just warp out.

I died 7 times, but picked up over 100 kills in my Tor'Kaht (mostly off of Defiants and Oddys, but I did get a few bugs too). I don't think it's anything other than skill level, since we were outnumbered most of the time.

These were two pug teams. Then I went on the fed side with a few of my friends and we were on TS. We went back into Ker'rat, and proceeded to COMPLETELY turn the tables on the klinks. We pushed them back into the middle before they realized straight out attacks weren't a good idea and started ambush tactics. Sufficed to say we pushed them back to their spawn and then left.

So what I can conclude is your average fed is an idiot and pug KDF teams work much better. And then an organized fed team can come in and actually clean up. So I say again, this is skill, nothing more, nothing less.
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