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01-15-2013, 03:40 AM
Originally Posted by thissler View Post
Let me be the first to offer my sympathies. And here.....

Glad you could make it!
Thank you.
I mean it.
It's the KDF part of the STO community that keeps the game and somewhat sane when it comes to STO.
On the other hand Cryptic and a certain other part of the comunity seem to drive me nuts at times.

Originally Posted by thissler View Post
Welcome to the land of foggy descriptions, poor tooltips, oh and the list goes on.
Bad descriptions, tooltips...even a lot of the bugs I can deal with.
They're like a pink elephant on a unicycle.
At first you think there's something wrong with you.
When you finally understand what's going on you don't know whether to laugh or cry.
It's simultaneously funny and painful to look at because it feels...wrong.

This thing with the Varanus is something that, for me, goes beyond the normal level of stupid.
This is pink elephant on a unicylce breaking the sound barrier.
Not sure how else to describe it.

Originally Posted by thissler View Post
Did you hear the one about the vendor they set up so players could turn in legacy consoles that the server sweeps missed? Good stuff.
Yup, but at least there they had the guts to admit what was going on...probably because it affected both factions.
This...well it's a Klingon-only feature like the transporter diverting you to the shipyard feature.

Originally Posted by thissler View Post
By the way I set up my first Varanus as an all plasma burner as well. Good times.
Yeah, it's a nice setup.
Somehow the Gorn feel like they'd be the ones going for the direct approach...just take the plasma from the reactors and hurl it at the enemy.

Originally Posted by thissler View Post
And you're STILL not getting a scout ship. Unless you ask nicer. Offer to make them cupcakes and do QA.
I thought about writing a poem, maybe that'll do the trick.
But I'm not going to work for an entity that's as mythical QA.
It's like the Lochness Monster, the Yeti and Bigfoot..,you keep hearing about it but there's not enough evidence to prove it actually exists.
This last part of the thread shows that pretty well IMO.