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01-15-2013, 04:14 AM
So i had a pretty **** STF experience. I was doing a pug ISE run with everything going fine. People were really doing good, spheres exploding left and right.
1 guy posted about the 10% rule as usual. And the team couldn't actually pull that off, due to one (or a few) crits of my romulan plasma torps (every transformer was already near 10% anyway). No big deal though. Every remaining generator got blasted within seconds and the transformer exploded afterwards.
Off we were to the next transformer and again one guy wrote about the 10% rule.
So i thought to myself. This team is pretty good and we were blasting nearly everything instantaneously into smithereens and so i replied jokingly:

Me: what rule?
Random1: ooo someone is cool!
Random1: too cool for rules, too cool for school
Random2: that was not the 10% rule on either side
Me: good
Random3: we got lucky this time
Random2: Indeed... no thanks to the premature spooger
Me: sure ... [was meant at the comment about luck]
Random1: guess ill have to add [redacted] to ignore for being a *&*!$$
Random3: look you almost never have a team like this if you dont 10% then
its likely you wont get the optional
Me: seriously. ships have too much firepower in season 7 too
actually calculate when you hit 10 %
[what i meant was: before i could guess how many firing cycles it would take to shave of a certain percentage of a generators life pool]
Random1: he thinks he doesnt need us
Random1: lets let him take the cube himself
Random1: that attitude is why he is now on my ignore list
Random3: he is an ideot...
Me: cause i am such a rebel ... [i got a little aggravated]
Random2: its too bad "vote to kick" is not a Pug option here on STO
Me: too bad indeed
Random3: we should have let him do it himself
Me: i actually don't know what you want ..

So thanks to some group dynamic and the other players not realizing, that they were good and didn't actually need to execute the 10%-rule-maneuver i now have at least 3 ignores more on my list. Oh PUGs how i love thee. And i admit reading this again, it could have been seen as me being an ***.

Seriously though, the damage output has risen in season 7 especially with easily available weapons through the reputation system. Teams are getting better even though it may only be because their gear gets better. I feel 10% is an outdated rule and should be renamed: "kill the generators roughly at the same time but be prepared that one might pop prematurely"

BTW: we finished ISE with 8:30 left on the optional counter ...

P.S.: If it's somehow against the rules posting a chat excerpt with the actual names being irrecognizable, let me know.

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