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Hello all!

I propose that we make a thread for Ask Cryptic February. They can avoid the 1 or 2 questions we may individually ask, but it it is harder to avoid an entire community. PLEASE keep the thread clean and non argumentative. When Ask Cryptic Feb comes, I will post the questions and a link to this thread. I will start.

FES brought in a post, that I cannot find at the moment, about perception. And they are right to a point, that it is broken. However, the operative kit is still over powered with one shots and running a cloaked mainframe. Perception does need to be looked at, however, the top kit also needs a duration on the cloak, say 10 seconds, instead of just toggled. Can this be looked at?

It is always fun and cool to see gimmicky things in the game. Such as the Temporal Stasis Pistol. However, they are way unbalanced. This weapon allows people to grief both PvE and PvP. It is also detrimental to the team that is using the gun as well as creating a one shot kill for an Engineer with a Tranphasic Bomb or a Tac buffed up. Can this be looked at and any new gimmicky stuff like this be evaluated before being put in game?

Can the Omega/MACO sets get cold resist?

Mortar spam can bring even a decent system to it's knees with lagging issues. Can Cryptic work on why this happens?

Can the hangar spams abilities be looked at? I don't do space PvP because it's just a swarm of hanger pets or +1 consoles. Both need a look at.

Can the next science upgraded kit be a useful kit?


Please everyone add your questions. But remember to hold off on the fighting. We don't want the the thread removed. Thanx.