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01-15-2013, 05:26 AM
I understand that but im asking how much of a difference between them, ive been progressing through the game using escorts and while i can see that it has freakishly high dmg i just dont like using DHCs from a gameplay/aesthetic view.

Every time i fly a DHC escort i fell like im playing a sniper version of the old space invader game with the put-put wepon, you have to align the ship just right to actually fire and it looks like a spitball pea shooter, while i undersand its use stat wise im just not enjoying it, the broadside style on a cruiser on the other hand is...something else, the whole naval ship pull up along side and let rip thing is just really epic, so i want to know if i approach high level pve with a dps intent in a broadside cruiser can it work? is the dps just behind the escort or really far off.

Also been trying in missions and the hot join pve fleets (dunno exact name) using dual beam banks on my escort, its been much more fun and while the tooltip dmg is a little lower im pretty sure im actually hitting more consistently with them, its more you have to face them than aligning just so as with DHCs, can a high level escort use dual beam banks with comparable dps to DHC use?.