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# 36 Is spawn camping necessary?
01-15-2013, 05:32 AM
Hi all

first of all, from my point of view there is no difference regarding spawn camping between the Fed and KDF side.

Is spawn camping always intentional? No! As other people already pointed out, a battle may end up at the respawn point because the skill of the teams is very much imbalanced. However, if it is like this the stronger teams have it in their hands how to continue the battle. You can kill your opponents when spawning, when they are helpless, which is the easiest thing to do. Do you have fun with that? (If yes, you may consult a psychiatrist, someone who may improve your self-confidence.) Of course the superior team will win anyway and killing people at the respawn just speed it up and the losing team should not cry because of losing. Exactly, if you cannot deal with losing you should not play PvP, play PvE at lowest difficulty. However, get killed instantly at the respawn point is one of the most frustrating experiences in a PvP match and this will have consequences. People may warp out of the PvP map and you can finally not gain your rewards. People which experiences spawn camping many times may stop playing PvP finally because there is no fun about it. Personally, very often I just don't respawn until the opponents removed from the respawn point and I suggest that also to my teammates. This can increase the time which is needed to finish the match very much, especially in arena matches. However, I can wait and sometimes I can have fun with that. Why? See below.

Is spawn camping sometimes intentional? Yes it is, there are people out there which using it as their favorite tactic. In arena matches they spawn camp as soon as possible. I was killed in space arenas at the respawn point by people waiting already with tricobalt mines and ejected warp-plasma, even I was the first one who gets killed. I also have met teams in c&h which don't care about capturing at all. They just hindered the weaker team to capture, killed them and attacked them finally at the respawn point for an endless slaughter. The only thing you can do than is to warp out of the map. Same in the ground PvP assault map. There are teams which love to slaughter the weaker team at respawn, instead of uploading the viruses to their basis which would speed up the final win and would be much less frustrating for the losing team. All this is in my point of view just bad behavior which harms finally PvP, because it keeps people away.

Of course, Cryptic would be able to improve the bad respawn mechanics and they should. However, it is always your personnel decision how you are playing the game, don't blame Cryptic for your bad behavior.


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