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01-15-2013, 05:56 AM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
...RML only works with a good team specced the right way, who've got excellent communication between team members running the right builds, skills, and powers to pull it off.
It works, because you "Narrow" your front-less transit time to intercept the spawns and a better chance to use team-healing and focus-fire.
Always run RML if I'm with at least 2 fleetmate, but I think your overstating the need for a correctly specced team. We have 3 guys attack Right, while the other 2 defend close to the other cubes. These defenders take out the spawn and the bottom probes. The defender will either have a Crowd Control like GW, or (insanely ) high DPS. But we've had a range of ship classes defending (but never an Oddy ). Sometimes I think Left is easier to defend, as you have a longer run-in to the Kang, and the spawn starts off "lower to the ground", so you're not as close to the Cube. You're just on your own for longer and dealing with Raptors rather than BoPs. So we've even had Cruisers with warp plasma defending on the left.

As for communication I can only think of 2 times when it matters. 1st is when the 1st cube goes down. If the guy who's defending Left has his crowd control on cool-down he may call for help. The 2nd is when you kill a cube's 1st top tier probe. I know I want everyone outside the arc of the warhships isometric charge when he spawns. I've been taken out because someone else was in his way

When we do have a well specced group, we burn through CSE with +7 mins left on the clock. But we've also had over 5 mins left when we've pugged 2 spots.

Originally Posted by satanailofhwbg View Post
Nothing kills a group of enemies faster than the combination of GW/CSV/TS
Agree. And with the Cure's 3 ship spawn even if it takes you longer to kill the 1st one, they all die as a group. The advantage being they will all respawn as a group. If you kill them singly they will respawn singly.