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01-15-2013, 06:17 AM
The Kar'fi is still a beast, don't let anybody tell you differently. She can be tough to keep alive if you don't understand her. I first put a Sci in her, but had trouble keeping her alive, then rolled an Eng, and when I found myself touching Miracle Worker less and less I put a Tac in, which is what she truly deserves.

She won't soak damage, despite the 1.2 shield mod and slots for a high number of field generators, unless you devote a portion of your sci slots to make her thick, which misses the point.

You can run a b.s. drain build in PvP if you want, but it's the no-skill option. Victory at the price of your self-respect if you want it.

The true beauty is her ability to ground and pound. Lock them down with blue and spike them with red. An old build I used to run is viable again, with TB3 (shield drain doff), CPB3, HYTx, BOx. The levels of HYT and BO are up to you.

The frigates are the best debuffers in the game. Aceton Beam is a crap ability for a player to slot, but magnificent as a pet ability. They also bring chrono procs and tric mines, which is a little over the top. They pop Aceton Beam as soon as they spawn, so even though both still have 50% hull you might launch one just to re-apply it.

Then there's the toy console, the Phase Shift. It makes you untargetable while disabling your projectile weapons. Is there anything better for a Tac letting their hull drop for a GDF bonus? I have to admit that I use it less with the rep and temporal for +crit chance though.

In STFs, there's nothing better. Power drain, DHCs, a LTC dispersal pattern, CSV1/CRF1 BO1 HYT1 APB1, Grav Well, Phase Shift,what more do you want?

Tac Captain, CC and Spike. Few ships do it better on their own.