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I understand that but im asking how much of a difference between them, ive been progressing through the game using escorts and while i can see that it has freakishly high dmg i just dont like using DHCs from a gameplay/aesthetic view.

Every time i fly a DHC escort i fell like im playing a sniper version of the old space invader game with the put-put wepon, you have to align the ship just right to actually fire and it looks like a spitball pea shooter, while i undersand its use stat wise im just not enjoying it, the broadside style on a cruiser on the other hand is...something else, the whole naval ship pull up along side and let rip thing is just really epic, so i want to know if i approach high level pve with a dps intent in a broadside cruiser can it work? is the dps just behind the escort or really far off.
Judging from the parses I have from my eng and tac characters (haven't yet tried a beamboat on a sci, curiously), an escort-like ship (DHC capable agile enough ship with high tac boff positions) will out-DPS a broadsiding cruiser by about 25-30%.

On the other hand, if you use your cruiser right (and get some points in threat), you'll be useful as a tank and healer. An escort (type ship) will usually only be good at doing the one thing: blowing stuff.

In the end, it depends whether you can fully use the ship you choose (not saying I do, nothing ever's perfect) and if you value more 30% increase in damage or the ability to protect the whole team. Both have their use, depending on the situation.

(NOTE: talking PvE here, namely elite STFs)
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