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01-15-2013, 07:01 AM
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Pew is life!


But in all seriousness, Brandon, you have helped to inject some new life and blood into PvP over the last few months. I know that this has come at personal cost to your own time and energy. It is quite clear to us, however, that your support of PvP is not only professional but also personal.

I cannot tell you how encouraged I was at the TS meeting last night. There were some 30 players having fun, strategizing, and dreaming. The atmosphere was jovial, conciliatory, and diplomatic.

PvP experienced a "lover's quarrel," but we will move beyond it and be stronger for it. The strength of the PvP community is our common love for pew and our enjoyment of one another's company--even when the "other" is on the wrong side of our canons.=)

So thanks again, Brandon. We are committed to making the future of PvP a great one.

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