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01-15-2013, 07:03 AM
I see you have access to advanced fleet items. Until to can get the Maco or elite shield I would recommend advanced fleet resilient shields with either resist to plasma or regen. I have it for one of my new characters that doesnt have the Maco yet and they are very good.

Also try to acquire 2 damage control doffs to keep your EPTS up more often.

Swap the HE2 for a HE1 and the TSS1 for TSS2. You'll get more out of TSS2 plus HE is really mainly used against the borg neurolizer and their plasma burn so it's more of a clear than a resist.

Equip the borg engine and deflector. The hull regen proc is very powerful and can keep you in the fight longer before having to withdraw.

Ditch the bio function console and get another field generator. More shields is more protection. That plus EPTS every 31 seconds with 2 damage doffs is a great damage resist.

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