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Originally Posted by naevius View Post
Baking them into the ship classes is problematic - you could make the same argument for BOFF skills as well. Ultimately, why aren't abilities soley determined by the ship, with at most minor bonuses from any personnel?
No. It isn't problematic. As you can see Boff skills are already baked into a ship. This is represented by the stations.

Picture that you are only allowed to choose 12 per mission though, and the 12 you can pick are restricted by the stations that the devs have placed in the ship.

So, no you couldn''t make the same argument for boff skills. Boff skills already work this way.

Boff stations and captain abilities were originally an abstraction to represent how a ship could be outfitted/constructed to fill a particular role. Balance and content decisions were made based on this. When we allow captain abilites to roam freely, we break that model.

And why don't we say 'here's ur ship good luck'? Because it would be a crappy game. If you read the OP you would have noted that there was an allowance for a "captains chair" that could allow for a limited number of captains abilities putting some greater level of control back to the player. Perhaps there could be universal captains abilites usable in any ship, and the remainder would be class specific.

So really, what's going on here would be allowing for greater customization than currently exists, but at the same time allowing the dev team stronger tools to balance gameplay.

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