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01-15-2013, 07:41 AM
I have never had anything other than positive dealings with you guys. Being a non member of the "big boy" fleets keeps me out of the disputes. Now that I think of it, I have never run into anyone in the big Fed or Klink pvp fleets that have ever been any less than polite and/or professional. Over three years have there been jerks, whiners and the like? Sure. But in my (admittedly) maybe lucky experience these types have been the small minority. It is this jovial and fun attitude that has influenced me to pvp in this MMO and none of the multiple others I have played.

The buried nugget of an awesome pvp game and the folks I have been privileged to fly with and against keep me wading through all the spam, broken crap and frustration to keep pvping.

I still see myself as just a wannabe when it comes to pvp, but 95% of the people I have contacted after matches to try and improve have always been magnanimous and helpful. It is so easy (I know first hand) to give in to negative thoughts and forget all the positive things that we get from this crazy game! Hang in all, and LONG LIVE THE PEW!

So concludes my longest screed on this site, hope it made some sense.

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