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Originally Posted by toiva View Post
Judging from the parses I have from my eng and tac characters (haven't yet tried a beamboat on a sci, curiously), an escort-like ship (DHC capable agile enough ship with high tac boff positions) will out-DPS a broadsiding cruiser by about 25-30%.
That sounds about right.

My Engineering captain, switching from an Oddy to a Chimera (with the same Eng-heavy Cruiser BOff layout) picked up 15% more DPS.

Keep in mind that escorts tend to charge up close while cruisers tend to stay father away with their broadsides. Beams also do less damage at longer ranges, it just decreases less quickly than cannons.

(From a chart 2 years ago: At 6.5 km a Beam Array deals as much damage as a cannon, at 9.5 km a Beam Array deals as much damage as a DC/DHC.)

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