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Things heat up on New Romulus, as the nefarious Ebon Wing Syndicate makes a move on the new Romulan capital. Could this congolmarate of smugglers, scientists and pirates be backing the Tal Shiar in it's bid to regain control of the Romulan people?

Originally Posted by Corak Ghemor
*Massage came in box with Romulan Ale being send to Admiral Hunter as gift for 26th Fleet's help at New Romulus, still report is written with pen on paper*
Stardate: 90573.33

Admiral Hunter, right now I'm on New Romulus. They found out I work for someone else, they don't know for whom yet and I try my best to not let them find out. But I left for them some leads to make them believe that I was working for Toddman.

During my escape I had to fake my death for first time in dockingbay explosion at Drozana. It damaged few Ebon Wing smaller crafts and killed or injured around 30 Ebon Wing agents and hired thugs. First I escaped to Cardassian Space, so I could call few of my old contacts for help. But just after a week Ebon Wing found me again. I managed to escape them, faking my death for second time. Just after that I traveled to Risa to get new surgery to change my appearance. With new face I decided to follow Ebon Wing to Tau Dewa. I figured that they won't be looking for me just under they noses. Also I didn't contact you to reinforce believe that I was working for Toddman.

For now I found out that Ebon Wing sold some informations about Starfleet's and KDF's forces helping Romulans at New Romulus to various Romulan factions. I also saw one Ebon Wing agent meeting with Romulan women. From her behavior and fact that she almost cought me observing them, I assume that she was a member of Tal Shiar. That makes situation very dangerous, because now Tal Shiar can monitor situation on New Romulus without risking their agents and thanks to Ebon Wing noone can be sure how much they know about moves of Starfleet and KDF forces.

Unfortunately Ebon Wing agents found out that someone is gathering informations about them. I'm not sure if they know its me or if they know that I'm the same person who infiltrated them on Drozana. I'm affraid I will be in need for fast exctraction from New Romulus. Right now I'm looking as human posing as civilian worker helping at building site of new Romulan Capital.