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I assumed that the Enterprise NCC-1701 was granted the Starfleet Delta in honor of the NX-01 because the Delta was the symbol of Starfleet Command, so what new ship could carry the weight and honor of Starfleet, the Enterprise.
Actually, that's a bit of a fault in terms of continuality. Since Enterprise was produced well after the Original Series, they introduced elements that had no place in what had been established in the series universe in order to win fan connection and attachment (the famous star-shift that placed the Klingon homeworld only a few days away from Earth at Warp 5 when it took months to get from Earth to the Federation borders in TOS was another).

The original chevron was the symbol selected for the Enterprise, but the ship had only slightly higher prestige than the other twelve Constitution class ships of the time, all of which had lengthy and honoured histories behind their namesakes the equal of Enterprise (Indeed, look up the histories of ships named Lexington, Exeter, Potempkin, and especially Constitution). The only reason it was adopted by Starfleet as their default symbol was that Enterprise was the only ship of the original twelve to complete her five-year mission without being lost or removed from service.