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I never meant to imply making money was "sinister", rather, I was stating that THIS ship, of a certain class, once the monetized version comes out, will never see a dime from me.

essentially, it goes back to knowing your market-we have some of the best cruisers in the game-as in not a single 'dog' among them (except the last pay-to-own, the Bortasque, which still manages to have a fanbase in spite of glaring defects).

i.e. we do NOT have a shortage of good, effective, cruisers, proportionally, in fact, we have a surplus of good cruisers to choose from, and frankly if the choice is a fifty-dollar cruiser triple pack that's a clone of the Ambassador, but with cannons and a standard cloak, I'm sorry, but I'll spend my money elsewhere-and there are those feel the same, though maybe not so vocal as myself.

Which is not denigrating the motive of making money-as you said, cryptic IS a business. If anything, my view is that it's a business that is making a poor business decision by neglecting the 'second faction' of their game-because KDF DO spend money-anyone that doesn't believe THAT should count the lockbox ships over Qo'Nos sometime, or look at how much stir and fury comes up over the idea of Fed Battlecloaks or plasmonic leech.

What we do not do, is WASTE money-as in buying things we don't actually want, won't actually use, or aren't all that interested in.

Which is where WE are a market that differs, somewhat, from the Fed markets they normally pursue.

"Quality" and "Distinctiveness", can ya dig it?
I wouldn't mind buying something like a Vor'cha from the C-Store, if it looks good. Simply because I like the idea of being able to discharge a ship to make room without loosing it completely (unlike the mirror vor'chas I use now, or the Fleet Vor'chas I may get in the future). If you think about it, there's no such thing in the C-Store as of now.

So again, I'm fine with a free ship (that may be good on its own) as well as with a subsequent C-Store variation on it.

Off topic: Do all of the C-Store odysseys come with that terribly ugly Aquarius stuffed "behind" (not the console, just the skin of the rear part of secondary hull) ?

EDIT: Oh, btw, that's actually what I'm battling for, finally having C-Store versions of Klingon designed Tier 5 ships, as in raptors, battlecruisers and raiders. Only raiders have the somewhat special B'rel. The Bortas'Qu isn't a true battlecruiser because of its turn rate.
TOIVA, Toi Vaxx, Toia Vix: Bring in the Allegiance class
Toi'Va, Ti'vath, Toivia: Add Tier 6 staple KDF ship types: Carrier and Bird of prey.
Tae'Va, T'Vaya, To'Var: Give us Asylums for Romulans

Don't make ARC mandatory! Keep it optional only!

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