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01-15-2013, 09:19 AM
I have a fleet patrol escort and have improved some of its resilients to attacks. Borg regenative sheilding Mk XII (The full kit deflector and borg tractor beam) seems to work best for me but is still 10% bleed through. I have improved the sheild strength by putting extra 24% sheild emitter strength into the science console slot and put an borg amplifier next to it which improves hull repair and weapon power.
I also have 1 plasma distribution manafold which improves weapon power and 2x 26% antiproton damage consoles plus 2x polaron damage consoles (sometimetimes i swap one for torpedo damage usuarally quantum or transphasic.)
Dual heavy cannons are a good way to go, they deliver short bursts of high damage, but take a while to re-charge, so I also put 1 Dual beam array next to them.
I am experimenting with Polaron and Antiproton at the moment which seems to work together well and even a borg cutting beam I have aquired. but will be aiming for just antiproton once I get enough credits together.
The problem I have is the turn rate is good but not great for coming about and re- attacking a player with cannons so I'm always sacrificing some hull plating for turn rate, have tried improving sheild power with an engineering console, but doe's not seem to protect me any better?? Hull plating seems to work a lot better for me for resilients! But some players can destroy me in about 8 seconds flat, so any better ideas anyone? Would be most gratefull. (Apart from getting another ship or about a dozen engineering slots) Also how do I go about requiring an Esign bridge officer, no first officer recommendations coming up on duty officers? Is it because I'm an adrimal and promoted my officers too high??)

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