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01-15-2013, 09:23 AM
I completely agree with these sentiments. We DO spend money, and im not even a huge fan of Klingons. To date my costumes have cost me so very very much because I never go as a Fed.

Right now im working on a Mirror Universe Skant for STLV2013, and its leather (as it should be) and someone would claim that feds only spend money? seriously the leather isnt that expensive from Tandy, but the time to make it, with the tools required is horribly expensive.

For my Honor Guard Uniform I want to get together for my STO Orion Male, Ill have to make a vest, trousers, cape, ect in leather AND all of the armour which will probably be wood and glazed in iron then painted. If i dont glaze it with real metal then it will look like effing wood, and that stuff is not cheap, not at all. So yeah, give us in the KDF something we WANT to buy and THEN we will, thats the way it works.

And we have been asking for LOADS of specific things for a while now, so I would think it easy to pick something out of that massive pile to charge us for. I have loads of Zen buildt up cuz i dont buy fed stuff, so give me something to spend it on.