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I've been testing the plasma flamethrower for half an hour or so and found some issue you may want to read.

All this test has been made with the "Diplomatic orders" mission.

What works/what i've tested:

- The weapon itself. Obviously it deals damage
- the aim mode works.

About the weapon itself:

(1) - the lack of auto targetting feature make it rather difficult to use. You don't really know where you're firing and you don't see your target's life. I know i can enable an UI option but it's not really user-friendly to change stuff in options.

(2) - When i use the keyboard to fire the weapon, if i use another keybind (let's say i want to activate my medical tricorder with key 8), it'll stop firing and won't start to fire again when my medical tricorder healed me and is done. I know we can't perform two actions at the same time but the weapon itelf forces me to fire constantly and the fact that the fire mode doesn't restart after pressing another key while i kept pressing 1 all along is very annoying. It makes the weapon difficult to use since you can't really use your other abilities.

What doesn't work with that weapon:

(3) - the primary fire mode doesn't work when mobs are on hills, even if you target them. Screenshot 1. Screenshot 2.

The secondary fire mode works though. Screenshot 3. Supposition: the secondary fire mode is a cone (in 3D) while the first one isn't.

(4) - this weapon can crit but can't flank. Screenshot 4.. Tested on the undine and klingon mobs.


It could be a funny weapon if we didn't have to keep pressing 1 to make it work, or if it wasn't just designed to play the game with the mouse only, which is rather inefficient and frustrating on the ground (see (2)). It's not the kind of weapon the game can handle well for now and it still needs some tweaking not to give headeaches to its owners, but it will be a nice experience if it gets fixed.

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