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01-15-2013, 08:56 AM
The Prometheus test (Voyager message in a bottle) was season 4. It was under testing before the DS9 epsiode In the Pale Moonlight, as it is stated the Romulans have not yet joined the Dominion war. During that episode, there are a pair of Defiant class ships seen in full operation. So Defiant class ships were in full oepration during the dominion war. Weither the Prometheus was or not is debateable, as one was never seen again until Voyager got home well after the war ended. But at least the prototype was built and operational in the war.

That episode also featured a Nebula class, so they were still in operation. And the Intrepid Bellaraphon was in use during the latter stages of the war.

This sounds fun. I'd love to take part in my breen ship, but the time is way wrong for me. I'm GMT. But have fun everyone.

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