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01-15-2013, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by commodorerook View Post
Ok been away for a while and came back today and saw I had a nice little nest egg awaiting me (3000 Zen!) So it is time to go shopping! I am a Vice Admiral so I want a new ship. I am considering the Dreadnought, Vesta Engineer or the Odyssey Engineer ships. Which, out of those three, is the best buy? (All three cost same, 2,500)
Vesta or Oddy, I'd buy the rest of the Zen and get the pack to be honest. You get 3 ships for 5000 Zen and the consoles have a bonus if you have all the from each version on 1 ship (plus 2500 each or 5000 for 3). If you do not want to put money into the game you can farm dill for the extra Zen or have another 2 months waiting / time off.

I like the Gal X, but only a few seem to like it. If you like the normal Gal and plan on using the X as a normal Gal then it is fine but if it is the main lance your after, do not get your hopes up, it misses more than it hits, and the turn rate is slow to depend on a 90 degree arc gun for damage output.

But all this is my humble opinion

Which one will you be?