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01-15-2013, 10:30 AM
I was thinking about Ker'rat yesterday... trying to figure out why Feds bother to go there. Well, trying to think of why I'd bother going there on my Feds. On my KDF, well - that's pretty simple. Kill 10 Starfleet, kill 10 KDF that have bugged, die 25 times, win 3, kill NPCs... I've got all sorts of missions almost daily to go there. I haven't seen the actual Ker'rat daily in over two months on any toon...

Yet, there's always hordes of Feds in there - whether they're camping the KDF spawn or off completing the in-zone mission - there's always bunches and bunches of Feds there.

For the guys trying to come in first on the in-zone mission...have they thought about building a spamboat and trying to come in first at SB24/KSF/GM? None of the hassle and better rewards. Throw in an ESTF or two during the CDs...and Hell, Ker'rat looks pretty pathetic by comparison.

For the guys really to say about that outside of show us on the dolly where the evil Klingon touched you.

Folks will do 1v1s at Cracked - but folks could set up 1v1s via OPvP - without having to worry about interference from other players, NPCs having made their way over there, or the zone resetting before the fight's done.

It's just of those...why bother as a Fed, eh?

Which also got me wondering about the mention of the Fed/KDF Battlefront Ker'rat going to play a role in that? Are there going to be other such planets in various zones along the "battlefront" - will there be Red Alerts? But then it's a case of remembering that the Fed/KDF Battlefront Reputation was mentioned separated from the PvP Reputation. Does that mean there are going to be NPC Red Alerts along the zone where Feds are fighting KDF NPCs and KDF are fighting Fed NPCs? Will Ker'rat just continue to die off...will PvP continue to die off...?
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