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01-15-2013, 10:37 AM
I played it a lot during leveling up, as the loot drop at the end was usually quite good if you came out in first place. I also saw the KDF sabotage as a cool additional challenge, as the Borg aren't all that hard in this mission (you can generally avoid all the cubes and just take on spheres and probes). At VA though, with all the intensely fine tuned builds people put in PVP, the Fed mission just doesn't seem worth it for one eSTF quality loot drop.

With Task Force Omega in full swing, it doesn't really make sense that the KDF would be so intent on attacking Federation vessels during an anti-borg operation. I think it would be better if Kerrat were just a simple PVP arena, just with a hell of a lot of Borg there to really mess things up, and add a new element to the game (Repulsor an enemy towards a tac cube etc.).

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