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I was levelling up a new engineer charakter. With every new ship i tried to make the worst build I could imagine. As LtC i flew a science vessel with all turrets. According to ACT i did a steady 650 DPS. I tested it in the Starbase 24 event and got one first and one 3rd place. As Captain i bought a Galaxy, gave it a name that sounded almost like Enterprise and bought the cheapest turrets and beams i could find. All different energy types of course. I went to Starbase 24 again shooting FAW-rainbows and CSV-skittles, and guess what: 1st place. There were actually people WORSE than this. I saw at least three other rainbow Galaxy ships there.

The turrets ship was not so bad while doing missions because I did not have to worry about enemy ships' circling tactics and the annoying fighters were no problem neither.
When playing missions any setup is fine so people think their builds are great. I think that's why we see so many of them in Elite STFs.