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People online have been asking me why I have as one of my toys the Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit

1. I a big fan of the nebula class
2. It has a huge amount crew 750
3. universal slot for a science or eng.
4. Tacyon detection grid good for PVP

While the Advanced Research Science Vessel Retrofit has more crew than either of the other Science Vessels, it also has less maneuverability than either, which is more comparable to the the same Tier level Cruisers. While it loses a Science console slot, this is compensated for with a universal bridge officer slot, allowing for more flexibility in players choice of bridge officers. In addition to the basic subsystem targeting abilities, the ship gets an improved version of it's lower Tier equivalent ability. The Tachyon detection grid is supremely useful in PvP matches, as it has the potential to grant the entire team enhanced stealth sight, to help prevent alpha strikes and to stop Birds-of-Prey from running away.

The vessel's stronger hull and Lieutenant Commander engineering bridge officer station make it well suited to a tanking role in space combat. In the hands of a well prepared player, the Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit can withstand sustained or focused fire as well as a cruiser.