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Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
Mostly correct!

I also like to think the federation wouldn't send science vessels to the active front line of combat.

Maybe when I have my "VOYAGER wars" well see those pesky science ships
That's not entirely true. STO classifies them as purely science vessels, but from the source material that's not accurate at all. The Intrepid is a long range scout vessel designed to also be usable as a fast recon ship. The Nebula is described as being a multi-role ship capable of performing all sorts of missions (point of interest, it's a Nebula that exposed Romulan involvement in the Romulan civil war not by science, but by shooting things). The closest of the three to a "pure science" ship was the Nova, which was designed as a planetary scout ship, but still carried a pretty hefty tactical loadout for a ship it's size.