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# 1 Abilities: All or Nothing
01-15-2013, 11:06 AM
What would it be like if holds became slows? No more long term disables, drains, placates and the like.

What if counters weren't an on/off button but rather boosts to resistance levels and other mitigation skills? No more ignoring Gravity Wells, Tykens Rifts or Warp Plasma.

Tractor beam doesn't stop you but your Engine speed (and turn rate) is cut by 1/4th for TB1 up to 3/4 for TB3. Defense (avoidance/evasion) wouldn't hit 0 or negative territory and control wouldn't be taken out of a players hands. TB range could be increased or even it's cool down could be decreased.

Sounds like a Science nerf doesn't it?

Attack Pattern Omega doesn't give you immunity from holds but it boosts your speed (scaled equally between the three ranks), damage, and movement debuff resistance.

Now assume this version of TB1 (the slow, not the hold) is used on an unbuffed target. The target has a 1/3 reduction in speed and turn rate but this can be over come by diverting more power to engines, away from weapons or shields making them less dangerous and less tanky. Alternatively they ignore it and their defense is reduced making them more prone to critical hits as well as leaving a weaker shield facing exposed to focus fire. Most importantly abilities are still effective (and could actually be boosted like a longer duration or greater range on TB) without taking control out of a players hands or creating powers that are absolutely required.

This brings us to Attack Pattern Omega. In the current version if you pop it you can dance within TB range with impunity, making Omega an almost necessity (or isn't it entirely necessary?) and giving some folks the impression that Sci is worthless or being marginalized. What then if Omega was a resistance rather than an immunity? As in the previous example with TB1, you could still just divert power to engines if you are a Cruiser or Science ship, but in an Escort you can also pop Omega. In all three ship classes you have options to counter without losing control or making a power either useless or an absolute necessity.

Think about the implications for Gravity Well. The slow effect and damage could be stronger near the center but you could also extend the range. The ability could be buffed on the basis that anything can get away using basic tactics (diverting power to engines to escape or shields to reduce damage) and there wouldn't need to be fear of it being wasted because someone can be immune to it.

The basic idea here is that if abilities become less about all or nothing it would be easier to balance. No one wants to be disabled and lose control just as no one wants powers or classes to feel marginalized. I'm looking specifically at Science in these examples because it is the strongest and weakest depending on just a few things. Tricobalt damage variance is being reduced to normalize damage. That is kind of what I am suggesting here. Change the floor (hold/disable) and ceiling (immunity) effects so that abilities are stronger or weaker but not on or off; yes or no.
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