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01-15-2013, 11:31 AM
I like the defection idea myself but would never play a gorn for the same reason as another poster (forget who) stated you give up too many traits for them.

IMHO it seems that some of the more vocal fed posters (not saying all fed posters) can whine about not having something and eventually they get it.
cloaks - used primarily for ambushes and sneak attacks neither well liked by canon
Federation Starfleet
universal console slots - all ships should have this because as each console can be
customised by the users and, I think, was done in one episode
(not sure tho)

Both of the above started KDF until enough fed players complained about their faction not
having either of them.

But back on topic, I personally do not want federation playable gorn because it is something taken from the KDF and nothing gained in return.

Before people complain that I am a fed only player, I play both Fed and KDF and I want a full faction KDF for people to experience. IMHO the KDF right now is like starting a book or a movie in the middle and going to the end, no fun at all. Which is one of the problems the other is that you can not play KDF until you get used to playing a federation toon.

I have been playing STO since launch and been a lurker on the forums since then I do not post much as I do not want to violate forum rules and get an infraction.

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