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Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
What would it be like if holds

Snip snip! Snippety snip snip!

Change the floor (hold/disable) and ceiling (immunity) effects so that abilities are stronger or weaker but not on or off; yes or no.
Sure. My first suggestion would be to evenly distribute mitigation resources across all three ship types.

Second, I would ensure that I knew exactly what abilities would be present on each ship and how they interacted with each other. Half of this job is done using boff stations. Limiting captain abilities would be my next step.

Third, we would need to take a good look an the way inertia is handled in this game, and bring it back closer to a real world model. Closer, not exactly. Dim as I may be even I know that a lesser mass traveling at high velocity is viewed as having the same inertia as a greater mass traveling at low velocity. I DO know that both of them should be virtually ignoring tractors from sources further down on the inertia scale. Sadly, this game rates inertia backwards. Oh well.

Movement is huge in STO. And it is linked to hull size. Without any allowance for cruiser size engines or (make something up and put it here) to prop up the huge hulls that the defense/resistance/damage arms race has given us.


So actually reverse the order I gave. You need to start at the lowest level, and in STO that would be ship movement. Then we need to know what abilities we are working with. And then we can distribute resources. And finally we can balance.

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