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01-15-2013, 12:43 PM
Hrmmm, does this kind of get into a general discussion of CC?

The typical: Full Effect, Reduced Effect, Reduced Effect, Immunity.

With the addition of resists: Reduced Effect, Reduced Effect, Reduced Effect, Immunity.

With the addition of additional opportunity costs for those resists to try to balance the reduced effect of them?

Should such things be treated in a similar manner as damage? I've wondered about changing the Engineering consoles that add a little bit of power to consoles that add various resistances. But that's an over there, elsewhere, sort of discussion, eh? Maybe? Maybe not.

Something that I've always found funny is how certain things work/don't's a quirky example:

You have a leaky pipe. It's starting to flood the kitchen floor. You dispatch a Team to deal with it. They turn the water off and mop the floor. However, they do not fix the pipe. Turn the water on again, it floods again.

There's no hardening done. Not even temporary hardening. For many things, it's a try to fix it after it's done over and over again...instead of trying to harden/prevent against it again...even temporarily.

There's the supposed placate immunity. Even there, though - that's the on/off thing. It's not a Full, Reduced, Reduced, Immune sort of thing. It's all or nothing. That's not even there for most things. It's there or it's not - a simple dance of CDs rather than an elaborate dance of DR and CDs.

Could go on and on, but I think it's simply a case that the for the most part NPCs simply don't use all the abilities and for the vast majority of the game players don't need to use the abilities. STO's a damage and damage resistance game...that's where all the focus has gone.

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