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So, for the 3rd time today I warp into a half completed (Optional Failed) Infected Space Elite. We completed it and sure I got my loot but it got me thinking.

The person I replaced may have had internet issues but when an "Elitist" or indeed anyone rage quits after a failed optional this effects not only the team they were in, but also the poor sod waiting to start a game, seeking maximum reward

Please don't get me wrong I know I am PUGing and I could STF with premade teams and this is not a dig at failing optionals - I am sure we have all been there at one point or another.

In my opinion I would think it would be fairer to stop players being put into missions that have already been running, then again would this be fair to the team who had to suffer the rage quitter in the first place........

What are your thoughts internet?

P.S. This is just a PvE thought and I genuinely would like to hear peoples thoughts
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