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# 2 PVE New or Existing?
01-15-2013, 01:32 PM
I would like to see the option of joining a new or existing in the PVE Que - similar to that of the PVP Que.

I, too, see the point to helping out a team that had a member leave or whatever reason (D/C, Rage Quitting, PUG, Trolling). However, it would also be a nice feature that if you did get put into an already existing instance of an STF - that the cool down be reduced.

I've been thrown into a KASE with 4 cubes out, 8/10 on the vortex passthrough and only 3 players. I think we actually completed it, of course not with optional, however then we have to wait the hour cool down. I didn't even get to really play...

I would at least like the option of choosing if I can go into an already existing match, or a newly created match.