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# 1 the 10k DPS Vesta build
01-15-2013, 02:34 PM
how misleading title is that? its the Aventine I am talking about ofc. this is a pve build, and as a pve build, having DPS is the most important thing. however this build can and will tank most that is thrown at you in pve, and my main goal stfs. and as I took the ship from a sci players perspective, with more tanking other than offensive capabilities, I did build on that in the skillset, though the build should speak for itself (I know it will generate hate, but as it has proven to be useful for its purpose, as a lead pve, stf ship, I do not think there is real place for thinking it is anything but a useful niche build)

skills link

front weapons: Advanced Fleet Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [Dmg]x3 [Acc] x3
aft weapons: Advanced Fleet Disruptor Turret Mk XII [Dmg]x3 [Acc] x3

devices: Subspace Field Modulator, Weapons Battery, Auxiliary Battery

shields: Adapted M.A.C.O. Covariant Shield Array Mk XII*
engines Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines Mk XII
deflector: Assimilated Deflector Array Mk XII

*technically the normal maco should be better for defense, I just feel more comfortable with these personally

universal consoles: Tachyokinetic Converter, Assimilated Module, Zero-Point Energy Conduit, Isometric Charge*
science consoles: Field Generator Mk XI (rare)x2*
tactical consoles: Disruptor Induction Coil Mk XI (very rare)x4
*either of these could be exchanged for a threat scaling sci console, though it would not provide much bonus as taking out the iso charge would be dps loss, taking out a field gen would be tanking loss
edit: I am also thinking about the quantum field focus controller to put back in the build, as I lost it because the iso charge is better for cc, and has a potentially higher burst dmg. the problem with the two is that the quantum field focus controller would require me to have a target that is strong, and will survive long enough to make the maximum effect, so it is a single target weapon, while the iso charge is only really effective against 3 target groups atleast - forget that last part, the quantum field focus thing would only be useful with a phaser build (but a phaser build is not a dps build, so changing to it is not worth it)

pets: elite scorpions

there, if anyone feels like doing actual damage in an stf or pve game, while having cc abilities should try this out (the aggro part is good for those escorts who actually deal more dps, and it is also useful in kase to have aggro from donatra, so pugs do not set the cloak off)

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