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01-15-2013, 01:36 PM
Or a functional shooting range we can use for target practice and to vet new gear builds? Something that actually gives us a real reason to go to the base, not just decorative and npc fluff that does nothing.

I'm not saying don't have the fluff projects, but maybe also have some functional special projects too. Maybe a fleet tribble terrarium that would store tribbles of value and food items for them to eat. It could have a guided breeding program that would take the guess work out as long as the fleet owned the needed parent and food. You'd just order it off the menu and it would unlock to your inventory.

Another fun idea, would be to allow fleets to unlock aspects of time limited events to last beyond their time. For example, the winter epoh doff contact would have been a good one. Then folks with leftover winter epoh tags could still breed new epohs, but still nobody would get new tags for winter epohs. Maybe a limited version of the winter award vendor, with some of the cosmetic items available whenever you have the winter commodities.

Just to flesh out the possibilities, here is another idea, we could unlock different ships to fleet ownership, either with a c store ship by running a project for it specifically, or for a lockbock type ship by submitting the ship package to a generic project. Once owned by the fleet, a ship can be unlocked to a single fleet member at a time by fleet leaders for a short time, say a few hours. Just long enough to test drive it or so folks who aren't able to own the ship to at least get to play for a little bit, but not so long that people would stop buying ships.

Maybe baseside minigames would be another unlock. Poker? Dabo? Kadis Kot? 3D Chess? The games would let you gamble with fleet marks, with an actual "pot" of marks that fleet members have bet.