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All my missions relied heavily on multiple endings. One of them had 4 very different paths to proceed and featured about 30 different endings ranging from total disaster to perfect mission. I even gave away stuff worth around 600-1.000k EC for perfect completion. There was only 1 taker...

In that particular mission you could:
kill the hijackers and free the hostages
stun the hijackers and free the hostages
Or the same without freeing the hostages
Enter the bridge by doing makeshift repairs on the transporter
Enter the bridge by getting hints from the hostages
Retake the bridge without dealing with the hijackers
Retake the bridge by killing the bridge crew
Retake the bridge by stunning the bridge crew
Retake the bridge by talking the bridge crew to surrender
Free the hostages and then retake the bridge using one of the options above
Fix up the ship before or meanwhile doing any of the stuff above
And in the meantime you had plenty of bad choices that led to dead hostages or got you to blow up the whole ship while you were on it. It was a pretty nifty mission with high replay value.

Based on my experience: Don't bother. People will not understand. They usually find the bad ending first, and leave wondering what a stupid mission that was. Only a tiny fraction has the brain capacity to figure that, unlike other missions, choices DO matter in this one.

On one map, you can do pretty much anything with branching stuff. With some advanced mapping techniques, you can have plenty of different maps without actual map change. In one of my missions, you had a choice to go to walk on an small barren moon, or run around on the planet surface then explore an underground laboratory then go to a waterside Starfleet base for debriefing which evaluated your real mission performance. All on the same one map.

The you can carry over choices from previous maps using codewords or code numbers. On the space map, if you go down one path, you will get a frequency of 556. If you go on an other path, you will get frequency 789. On the next map, you boff asks for the frequency. You set it and there, your choices on the previous map got carried over to the next map.

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