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01-15-2013, 02:43 PM
Originally Posted by franc275 View Post
I would like to see the option of joining a new or existing in the PVE Que - similar to that of the PVP Que.
As someone who has not really PvP'ed I didn't know this option even existed - If its there for PvP why not PvE

I, too, see the point to helping out a team that had a member leave or whatever reason (D/C, Rage Quitting, PUG, Trolling). However, it would also be a nice feature that if you did get put into an already existing instance of an STF - that the cool down be reduced.
Indeed,either that or if you did opt to join an "in progress" all hell's broke loose STF the perhaps be awarded bonus marks for helping your fellow trekkies
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