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01-15-2013, 01:45 PM
Originally Posted by felderburg View Post
I think they've said that the in game exocomps are non-sentient versions, so that we don't feel bad about summoning them to get blown up so often.
Right, like the red shirts we keep beaming down.

Going to pass on this as well. I'm usually all for things that make the base more lively or militaristic, but unless the Exocomps stop once in a while, turn on disco lights and force people in the immediate area to dance for a few seconds, then continue on, there are many many MANY better things to spend 200k dilithium on. Like +300 DOff capacity. 20+ lock box keys. A ship or two. A few dozen DOffs.

One day, the return on the base investments will be balanced with the dilithium cost...but it is NOT THIS DAY!