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WOW !!! that what i said when i finish 50 lvl great adventure awesome ideas very futuristic game i give 10/10 !!!

and then pvp starts no problemo surf some forums ask ppl and u will make good ship in your class , BULL ***** this game after 50 lvl is just tard only joy is from pvp and it is so imbalanced that i am asking if any one updayting this game actualy play it???

u dont need a genius to figure it out just play pvp all day and u will notice HUGE imba between some ships + abilities that make few have 1000% advantage and u can see it easy in points. sciance? enginering? is this a joke in this game? tactical own all in pvp - torpidos miss , energy weapons miss after 30 sec taking fire from 4 other ships hp at 10% DIE or? disappear , or run from batle in 0.5 sec , points ? 50kills - 0 die