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01-15-2013, 01:53 PM
A couple of things:

Re: Kira/Kai Kira. The Pope analogy was used. The recognized first Pope was not a religious scholar but was a buddy of the religion's founder. There have been multiple Popes who were soldiers or with little background in religious scholarship until later in life. The current Pope was a member of a certain German paramilitary organization for kids if memory serves.

Furthermore, religions frequently are started by or led by people outside the religious hierachy. This includes: Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Scientology. Three out of the five were founded by people who had some military service record. And so was Star Trek, which parallels Scientology enough that you could write an entertaining book comparing and contrasting the movements. And with Christianity, the first Pope as recognized by Rome is a guy who sliced a soldier's ear off and the first biblical scholar of note was Paul, a Roman soldier.

I'm just talking history here, not challenging or affirming anyone's beliefs.

As for the STO fiction:

The only comic STO recognizes is Countdown, the J.J. Abrams film prequel; it gets referenced repeatedly in the game.

There are, however, several text features which Kestrel (the lead game writer) did as STAR TREK ONLINE fiction entries for STAR TREK MAGAZINE. These detail Data's last mission, Data's current status as a college professor, the end of the Undine war, and several other key details. If I remember correctly, Stahl suggested he'd like to reference those updated events in the game itself eventually.

There is also a tie in novel called "The Needs of the Many" but almost nobody seems to reference its elaborations on the Path to 2409. It wasn't a bad book but it is written in a jarring World WarZ style and my understanding was that Pocket basically approached the author, introduced him to Kestrel, handed him STO's notes, and had him write 300 pages in 45 days or so.