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I have been working to get STO to run in linux the past week.

Heres what I found that works.

Research/Download Crossover Linux for ubuntu. They have a install script for STO online within it.

Crossover has a 15 day trial after that it cost to continue using it but yes it does load.

Have tried steam, pol, and others with no success because of the sto launcher. Looks like codeweaver has wrote there own crossover html engine that makes the launcher work.

So package requierments to run STO online in linux are:
XML Parser 3.0
HTML Rendering Engine 7 (ie7)
Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable
Crossover HTML Engine
Wine Mono
Wine 1.5.51

One thing to note is lag lag lag and resolution is low low low.

Test some more next week.

Back to windows I go 4 now.

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