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01-15-2013, 03:53 PM
Expand the functionality of the in-game chat window. As it stands now I can sift through the combat log in the window, but I need filters. I need to know exactly what the gateway is shooting at me. I need to know how much damage I put into a HYT to kill it totally. (BTW: I know beyond any shadow of a doubt what causes invisible-smite shots).

Filters. I don't want to know every shot fired by ever thing on the screen in a match. That's overwhelming. I should be able to click bring up ENEMIES. Click up again and select GATEWAY, and see every shot the gateway took at ME, OTHER PLAYERS or MISC.

This way I could keep the window open while playing and watch what is going on in real-time rather than using the /log command to generate a log file and have to struggle with some rather poorly designed parsing tools.
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