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01-15-2013, 03:09 PM
I use ACT along with a plugin that filters the log, the two combined are excellent and I keep ACT running on my second monitor. This is a guide on Reddit (r/sto) which respects wishes of Cryptic and would remove it if it violated the TOS of STO:

Using a combat log parser such as this one is just fine. Combat log parsers are mentioned fairly often when communicating bugs or potential issues to devs via threads.

Don't be confused about the entering of a command in the game, the program does not do this, the user must type /combatlog 1 to turn on the log. This is done because the log can grow to immense sizes if not actively managed by a combat log parser or the user this is probably why the log is not on by default. All ACT does is read the log and split off and delete the old sections of the log file to keep your hard drive from filling up. As BranFlakes said, this level of interaction is acceptable.
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