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Originally Posted by linyive View Post
I have a funny feeling that "Star Trek: Online" is getting ready to close up shop. During the past few weeks, Cryptic has been running several sales. If they didn't make enough revenue from the sales, I think these 'filler' special projects will become common.
Definitely not; there is so much coming this year I can't even begin to tell you (no, literally, I can't tell you yet lol). But, we've always run sales and promotions during the end of the year in the autumn and winter months. 2012 was no different.

All of these projects have been designed, developed, completed and scheduled for quite a while now -- if I'm not mistaken, all the Starbase and Embassy projects are ready and we are going to be releasing them every couple weeks (so, going forward, subject to change, one Starbase and one Embassy project per month). This allows fleets more time to complete them, if they would even like to in the first place. They are not mandatory, are (for the most part) purely aesthetic, and available for the fleets that choose/ want to slot and complete the projects. Like the most recent project rerun, which ends on Thursday, I'm fairly certain we will hold another one in the future so new fleets have a chance to complete them, and so existing fleets that chose not to complete them on their first run have another chance.


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