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01-15-2013, 04:56 PM
Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
On behalf of TRH, I'd like to apologize for any unpleasantness players may have faced in the last week or so. It's never been our intention to cause discomfort and we only want the best for both the health and integrity of the game, as well as for the level of enjoyment other players can expect from logging in. It's something we all very much strive towards and typically cooler heads will prevail.

It's been a long and stressful week and we just weren't prepared for the explosive direction that events quickly took. In retrospect I'm sure things could've been different, but it only pays to look forward. We now have lots of events going, all of which were community-organized; it's a fantastic opportunity to keep PvP in this damned game alive and kicking. And all of us are at your collective disposal towards achieving that end.

Our TS is always open if ever you want to drop in and say something.

Best + love,

- Shim x
I don't think it's the fleet. I think it's more the misguided ambition of one person. Sadly, that reflects on the entire fleet, some of which I know are decent folks. If your fleet is looking to preserve the integrity and health of the game perhaps you should consider relieving yourselves of the individual.

Furthermore, in dealings I've had and have witnessed, the individual in question has always presented his best benevolent approach while turning allies to enemies behind your back. It's no surprise to me of the level of the attempted ruse.

Do PvP a favor. Don't try to get involved on behalf of the greater community.