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01-15-2013, 05:59 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
For more information, or further clarification, you'll have to read the ToS/ EULA I've provided the information I know and am able to.
Unfortunately, I've read the ToS that you linked to, and I'm still confused. (You mentioned an EULA; is there a link to the EULA or is the ToS also functioning as the EULA?)

Relevant sections seem to be 16) and 21a), but they mostly end up reading that PWE has the final say and that only PWE can authorize programs. The given prohibitiions are that one cannot run a program that:
- "ENABLES OR FACILITATES CHEATING OF ANY TYPE" - the parser I described doesn't allow "cheating" in that the player is able to do something that he wasn't able to do prevoiusly, but cheating's really up to be defined by PWE...
- "ALLOWS USERS TO MODIFY OR HACK THE SOFTWARE INTERFACE, ENVIRONMENT, AND/OR EXPERIENCE IN ANY WAY NOT EXPRESSLY AUTHORIZED BY PWE" - the parser that I described doesn't change the software interface or environment. "Experience" is the tricky point here; if they mean "what the program outputs in any form" then no, but if they mean "what the user experiences" then anything could be considered an unallowed third-party program, like a music player that I listen to instead of STO's in-game music.
- "INTERCEPTS, "MINES," OR OTHERWISE COLLECTS INFORMATION FROM OR THROUGH THE SOFTWARE" - if the interpretation is that "examining the executable's code/scanning memory isn't allowed", then the parser I described doesn't do that; but if the interpretation is that "collecting basic information about damage isn't allowed", then practically all combat log parsers are in violation of this section. (Why have a combat log then? You're not allowed to read it...)
- "in any way influence or give you an advantage in the use of the Services which is not authorized by PWE" - again, PWE has to make the ruling here, but I'm rather curious if other combat log parsers like ACT and STOICS were/are authorized by PWE...

Do you know if there's some way that I could ask Cryptic for their position? Should I open a ticket to a particular team, perhaps?